We’re moving forward with TMS, but what about the rest of my treatment?

TMS is a wonderful and highly effective treatment for depression, but is just a small part of the treatment plan. Psychotherapy and medications continue to have their integral role in the ongoing treatment and care of the depressed patient. We recommend that patients who are on medications and not experiencing side effects remain on such during and even after TMS.
Consideration of any reduction or termination of medications is a conversation to have with their individual psychiatrist later after remission (the goal) of their depressive symptoms. Likewise, therapy should continue throughout and after TMS treatment.

In short, TMS is not in lieu of any current treatment for the depressed patient, but in addition to such. As a matter of fact, we find that the more active a patient is in their other forms of care such as consistency with medications and psychotherapy, the better their outcomes during the TMS course.

by Dr. Charles Ihrig, Ph.D