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NeuroMed is a great place to refer your patients, but it is also a great partner should you be interested in offering TMS services in your own office.

When You Refer

Your patient will receive the best care and treatment available and will be returned to your ongoing care.  We do not offer any ongoing medication management or psychotherapy.  We are exclusively in the business of providing the best quality, most affordable, and convenient TMS treatments.  We will communicate with you at all stages of the treatment and coordinate your patient’s return to you for ongoing care.

We will convey information regarding your patient throughout the treatment process, and we will encourage your participation to the level that you feel comfortable.  Your patient’s medications will not be adjusted, changed, or stopped without your knowledge and input.  Upon completion of TMS Therapy, your patient will return to your care and we will continue to serve in a consultative manner should such been needed. Also upon completion, we will provide you with case notes that detail the patient’s treatment.  Research has shown that patients receiving TMS are more responsive to other treatment modalities during and after their TMS treatment, so it is important to continue therapy during the course of TMS treatment. You and your patient are always welcome to follow up with our staff with any questions, concerns, or feedback at any time.

We welcome inquiries about TMS Therapy and how it may help some of your patients. We would also like to extend an open invitation to you and/or your staff to visit our office, see the TMS Therapy System, and learn more about the treatment process. We would also be happy to schedule a presentation in your office.

If you call when your patient is in your office, we will schedule their free consultation immediately. If our community liaison is available, we may be able to send them to you immediately, so that you may participate in that assessment should you so choose.

Are you interested in providing TMS?

NeruoMed also offers a very distinctive service to you as a physician.  Should you be interested in offering TMS in your clinic, we can help make that happen at no cost to you and with no need for additional staff.  Since we are a large regional provider, we are able to negotiate preferred pricing from TMS manufactures.  We have a well-developed training and management program.  We are able to set up a satellite office within your facility and provide the marketing, staffing, billing, and vital pre-authorizations for insurance coverage that you need to have a successful TMS program. As a provider, you benefit from the services you provide and the convenience you can offer to your patients.  You also benefit from a no risk model that frees you to remain a clinician rather than a billing expert, marketing guru, or human resources director.

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