Have some questions? We’re here to help. Below are common questions about TMS.

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I have already tried different types of medication and had poor results – will TMS be any better?

Studies have shown TMS treatment to be effective for patients with depression, regardless of how many
medications were tried in the current episode of depression.

Has TMS technology been tested?

TMS technology has been tested in over 100 clinical studies for various indications in leading institutions worldwide. The FDA has cleared this technology for clinical use and it is currently available in the U.S., Europe, and South America.

Does TMS treatment entail any side effects or risks?

TMS treatment has been proven safe and effective, and has no known systemic effects (effects deriving from medication entering the bloodstream and circulating throughout the body). The most common side effects are headaches and local discomfort, both usually temporary and mild.

How does TMS treatment compare with ECT?

ECT is a treatment based on electrically induced seizures, whereas TMS treatment stimulates brain regions using brief magnetic pulses similar to those used in MRI systems, without inducing seizures. ECT requires anesthesia and has severe side effects, including memory loss. Deep TMS does not involve anesthesia, has no effects on memory, and is well-tolerated.

What will I feel during the treatment session?

Typically, patients hear a tapping sound and feel a tapping sensation in the head area during the 20 minute treatment.

To diminish the sound, the patient is provided with earplugs. For more information about the treatment, please contact the NeuroMed TMS Centers at (615) 861-1000.


Is TMS treatment for everyone?

In general, the treatment should not be used if you have metal implants in or around the head (except for standard amalgam dental fillings). Please consult with your doctor to check whether the treatment is right for you or contact NeuroMed TMS Centers at (615) 861-1000.


Will my insurance cover TMS, and what are the costs?

Most major insurance companies and Medicare have policies to cover TMS treatment. We have a team of insurance specialists that will work to get coverage for treatment and unlike other TMS providers, we participate in most insurance plans. When coverage is not available we offer reasonable cash rates and payment plans that are usually less than the cost of most medications. You will be provided with all costs in advance of treatment. We offer a free initial consultation and coverage and benefits will be assessed at that time.