TMS? Chicken Bones and Crystals!

Several years ago I was presented with a client suffering from depression who was considering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). I was unaware of this treatment at the time and my first response was, “Yeah, magnets … chicken bones and crystals too!” I am personally a very empirical model clinician and am skeptical of new approaches until I have reviewed enough peer reviewed research. Boy, was I wrong about TMS. The research is more than convincing, with over one hundred peer reviewed journal articles and a recommended protocol from the American Psychiatric Association.

I proceeded to refer six of my most depressed patients and was amazed when four achieved complete remission of their symptoms. One other got significant improvement and the last, well … I saw some minor improvements but she did not acknowledge such. You may think that this is not a list of all success stories, but these were the patients that I had worked with for years to no avail.

Ultimately, I fell in love with this new procedure and started NeuroMed TMS Centers, LLC with the mission to make this available to all of my patients and yours.

I would like to challenge you to the same test method outlined above. Go and read the research and refer a few of your most chronically depressed patients. You will believe in magnets as well!

B. Charles Ihrig, Ph.D
CEO of NeuroMed TMS Centers